Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 18

Guess what I started working on today!???!??



So far I have the Giraffe in 5×7 and 8×10, Starry Sky in 8×10, and I’m working on the Sloth right now. Every one of the drawings should be available soon in 5×7 AND 8×10, so if there are any you are interested, let me know and I’ll get those images done first. I’ll be listing what I have available on Etsy within the next couple of days!

I also worked on today’s drawing of course:

2018-03-21 19.48.55

Title: Bald Eagle with Fish

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: This was originally nominated by Gretta S., but then Steve C. expanded on the idea by suggesting having the eagle above water.

2018-03-21 19.49.51

Favorite parts: I’m really happy with how the water splash turned out! I saved that last for two reasons: I had to finish the other areas first (it’s easier to erase/add white ink than it is to draw the water/claws through water droplets), and because I was scared of doing it! There are just some parts of drawings that I don’t look forward to doing because I know it’s going to be challenging and I always leave them for last!

2018-03-21 19.50.54

Challenging parts: Actually, this drawing was pretty straight forward and not that hard overall. The water actually was probably the hardest part; I’m so used to doing watercolor water for Boathouse illustrations, but graphite and watercolor are two very different things! I’m just out of practice doing in in pencil, so it took longer than I would have liked, but I think in the end it was okay.

2018-03-21 19.51.35

Product availability: The original has sold, but you can find prints here in my Etsy store!

Only 7 more drawings left in the challenge!!!! What are you hoping to see come up?

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