Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day #17

I am having a serious issue with the challenge this year.

Okay, so maybe serious is a little too strong of a word to use, but I’m having a problem and I blame all of you: my list of things to draw keeps getting longer and longer as I keep adding amazing suggestions from you guys, but there is no way I can do them all in the time frame I have set aside for the challenge.

Now I could always add another week (or probably two or three if I were to do everything on my list) and get everything done, but I really can’t do that as I have a book that is just begging to be illustrated. Maybe I’ll do a challenge in the fall, but that’s my busy season with festivals so that doesn’t really work either. I might just have to save the rest of the list for next year or just randomly work on the drawings during the year here and there as my schedule allows. Whatever option I end up doing, you guys have really outdone yourselves with fantastic suggestions this year and it’s making it hard for me to choose what to do every day and wish that I could keep up this crazy challenge indefinitely! Kudos to you all!

But back to today’s drawing…

2018-03-20 17.31.05

Title: Hummingbird and Flower

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: My friend, Kirsty N.! We were talking about the cow drawing last night, and she suggested doing a hummingbird. I mentioned I had done one last year for the challenge, and as I was looking for the blog post to share with her, I was inspired to do one in flight by a flower. She agreed, and as I couldn’t get that image out of my head, it had to be today’s subject!

Favorite parts: Little hummingbird face!!!!

2018-03-20 17.33.40

Challenging parts: The feathers on the body! They’re reflective in the reference image, so trying to translate that to black and white without it looking polka dotted was hard. The flower was also a bit of a challenge; trying to get the coloring in the center and it’s veins while keeping the soft and delicate petals was not as easy as I expected!

2018-03-20 17.32.43

Product availability: This original drawing is available in my Etsy store here. Prints can be found here, and this will probably be joining the upcoming drawn bird note card set.

What has been your favorite drawing of the challenge this year so far?

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