New Mediums

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know I love watercolors.

You might also know that I love drawing with graphite pencils.

I’ve been after a way to combine the two loves into one cohesive piece lately, but no matter what I’ve tried, it never looks…right.

Well, I decided to reorganize and redecorate my office, and guess what I found buried in a spot that never should have held this particular item?


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New Piece: Soar

I was inspired to create this piece in February, but it took me a full month and a half to even attempt to try painting it! I tend to get in my head when I see things that inspire me to paint, telling myself it’s too hard, I’m not good enough to even try it, and I’ll waste my time and materials by even attempting it. I’m getting better about it, but it’s still a voice in my head that needs major work to silence it!

Title: Soar

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Artist Confession

Confession time!

Sketchbooks? Not my thing.

As an artist, that feels weird to say. I feel like sketchbooks are a must have for us, but I have never really cared for them. I don’t know if it’s because I just want to create finished pieces or I just am afraid to create something beautiful just for it to be stuck in a book forever, but sketchbooks? I’ll happily pass on them.

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New Piece: Tranquility

You’re never going to believe it…but this piece? It actually DID WHAT I WANTED IT TO. I’ve had so many recently that went their own way, so to have one do what I wanted?

It felt really, really weird.

I’ve had a couple questions about where this piece is from, and I love that even though it’s from Corolla, Outer Banks in North Carolina, that it reminds my viewers of their favorite bodies of water!

Title: Tranquility

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She’s Creative!

Ever since my daughter was little, my husband and I had a feeling she would choose a college major/career path leaning towards the arts or something very creative.

Now that she’s a senior in high school (who let that happen??!??!), college applications are in, the deposit was sent to her #1 school, and her double major has been chosen, our initial guesses were right: she’s creative!

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New Piece: Million Dreams

This piece was a rollercoaster ride to create!

I started out with this being an 18″ x 24″ piece, and some times it went well, others…not so much. Paint was running everywhere, the paper was warping from the water, colors were blending beautifully…like I said, a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs!

It wasn’t until I was so close to being finished and getting ready to frame it that the unthinkable happened….

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“Too Soft”

“Your work is too soft.”

“You need more contrast.”

“You know what would make this piece better? Differentiating between your lights and darks more.”

Those comments and so many other variations on them came from my professors and classmates in college, whether I asked for feedback or not. Critiques, working in class….I’d hear them all the time.

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