Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day #1

Hello hello hello! It’s been awhile!

We have been in our new house for almost FIVE MONTHS already…and I have hardly worked in TEN months. Almost a year!

As you can imagine, I’ve been going nuts without drawing, painting, creating. My office here is still in shambles and my art supplies are still in boxes…but I needed something to do. Something easy to clean up, that I could do anywhere.

Enter the 2nd annual Drawing a Day Challenge!


I just need pencils and a clip board, and last year proved I could do it anywhere (my van, a classroom, the mall…a little bit of everywhere!). I started collecting ideas, dug out my pencils, and today I began the challenge:

20180226_194938 - Edited (1)

Title: Elephant

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

Inspiration/nominated by: At the Brockport Arts Festival, there is another vendor who has stopped by my booth at least once a day each day of the festival over the two years I’ve participated in the festival. She loved seeing all my drawings this past year, but was very disappointed that there wasn’t an elephant. She begged me to put it on the list for this year!

Favorite parts: I was surprised at how fast I got him sketched out on the paper! Usually that takes the longest part, trying to get the proportions and the composition right, but it only took me a couple minutes to get him started.

Also, just sitting and drawing was pretty amazing! I was so happy, even with the challenges of the drawing, just sitting there and making something.

20180226_195023 - Edited (1)

Challenges: Um, the fact that drawing is not like riding a bicycle, and as I haven’t drawn in almost a year, I was rusty. And I mean really rusty…this guy took SEVEN HOURS!!!! I don’t think any drawing last year took that long!

Also, elephants are wrinkly. Very wrinkly. I loooove drawing folds and wrinkles in fabrics, but elephat wrinkles are so different. They’re tiny, especially when drawing them on such a small scale, and getting them to look like there’s depth and not just markings was difficult.

20180226_194956 - Edited (1)

Prints will be coming as soon as I get my scanner hooked up; the original has sold.

What would you like to see me draw this challenge? I’m still taking suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day #1

  1. Glad to see you back on the drawing horse! I’ve been doing daily sketches since November after a long hiatus and been loving it. Looking forward to seeing some new sketches.

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