Painting Up A Storm!

Hey hey heyyyyyy!!!!!!

Yes, I’m still around, even if I’m hardly posting on any social media lately.

Life has gotten interesting around here, and I just haven’t been making my business a complete priority. I did take a couple hours this week to work on product photography:


I’m hoping to get the pics edited and uploaded to Etsy this week sometime; my new work computer didn’t have a memory card reader, so we had to order one. Now that it’s here, I can get new and improved (and rebranded approved!) product pictures in my store. Woo hoo!

Trust me, I’m not lounging around, eating bonbons and watching mindless TV all day. I’ve actually been working on a lot of painting lately….and cleaning, and renovating, and decluttering…


My husband and I have made a really hard decision and we’re getting our house ready to sell. We’re not moving far away, but with the kiddos going to an out of district school this year, life has gotten challenging. Too much time has been spent on the road, and we’ve decided to move into the district so the kids will be close to school.

So yes, I have been painting, but my brush has been more along these lines…


Excuse the goon face. I didn’t realize until I was taking the picture that not only was my painting helper photobombing me, but he was turning me into a bunny as well!

With all of that being said, today is Back to the Drawing Board’s THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!! Whaaaat! I think that calls for a celebration! How should we celebrate? A giveaway? Sale? Something else? All of the above? Let me know in the comments below!

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