Welcome to the new website!

Hey everyone!!!

Things are probably looking a little different right now; I have been working really hard this past week on switching over to a new website host, and as of this morning, this is the new backtothedrawingboardart.com! Welcome!

Things are still being tweaked here and there, so please bear with me as I fix all the broken or dead links. Most of them are working the way they are supposed to, but I still have a few left to work on.

I now have an Etsy site and am working on getting all of my products up on that! I have just a few things up right now, including a few of my necklaces. You can check the store out by clicking on the ‘Shop’ link in the menu bar above.

I am also working on getting a portfolio created, which is also on the menu bar. It’s divided up by medium (drawings, watercolors, etc.), and all of the pictures will soon be able to take you over to the blog post for more information on that piece. Most of them are completed, but a few still just enlarge the picture. I’m still working on adding new pieces to each section as well 🙂

I appreciate your patience as I finish up getting everything set up over here.

Have a great weekend!

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