Painting with Grandpa

When I was younger, I would go spend a day with my paternal grandparents on occasion. I’d ride into the city with my dad, and my Grandpa would pick me up where my dad worked. Our visits were always full of various adventures: eating yummy foods, visiting playgrounds or the zoo, and my favorite, painting with my Grandpa’s special paints.


My Grandpa loved to paint, and he loved teaching me new techniques or just watching as I painted away the afternoons at their dining room table. I always loved spending that time with him!

When I was in college and switched my major, my grandparents were the second ones I called. I remember how excited my grandpa was, yelling with excitement, inviting me over to go through his art supplies for anything I wanted. They helped put me through college, and have cheered me on every step of the way in opening my business and now being an illustrator as well.


My mom found these pictures while going through my grandparent’s things; they have recently moved into assisted living and no longer have space for a lot of their belongings. It’s hard seeing them get older, having them not be able to do a lot of things any more. It’s hard thinking about it.

But that is what is wonderful about pictures and mementos. They help us remember the happy times.

And this happy time will be getting framed for my office:




Throwback Thursday: The Well

***This post originally published on January 1, 2015***

Here’s a piece from a couple years ago…

Title: The Well

Size: I think it’s 11″ x 14″

Medium: Graphite on paper

When: Between April and June of 2012

Time to complete: I don’t remember; probably between 10 and 15 hours

Purpose: My friend Sarah won the drawing certificate that year in our church’s annual mission’s auction. You can see the winning pieces from the other year’s certificates here.

Thought process: It was very straight forward; Sarah pretty much knew what she wanted, so I just had to draw!

Problems I encountered: Sarah wanted sun beams to come through the tree, and that was pretty tricky to accomplish. Getting a good contrast between dark and light was hard in this drawing as well!

Fun tidbits: The Prinzi’s are great friends of ours, so I included a little inscription on the back of the drawing

This is the first piece I’ve done for Sarah and her family. The house drawing is also theirs, and I’m currently working on a painting for them as well!

Favorite part: I really like how the tree leaves turned out!

Least favorite part: Getting the grape vines and leaves to stand out enough, yet not overpower the well was tricky. I’m still not satisfied with how they turned out!

Product availability: Prints are available in my Etsy shop here.

What would you choose as subject matter for a drawing?