Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: What I Learned, How It Went

Is it really over???

I know I’ve said this a lot, but man, it feels like the challenge just started, yet somehow it feels like it went on forever.

I was so tempted to surprise you all and do one more week of the challenge to do some of the top requested drawings that are left, but my family is home on vacation this week and as our youngest has a birthday this week as well, that had to be my priority. I promise to get to that list soon though!

On to the recap!

What I learned:

The biggest thing I learned was that taking almost a year off from working is not good for me mentally. Every time I saw the boxes for my studio and office still in the sunroom waiting to be unpacked or my future office/studio still in shambles, I’d get more frustrated, anxious and agitated. Every day that I got to do a drawing, I felt all of that melting away. Yes, my boxes are still there and the office is no where near finished, but I had my joy back.

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Drawing a Day Recap: How It Went, What I Learned

Whew. What a few weeks this was!

I had no idea what to expect going into the Drawing a Day Challenge. I figured it would be really hard and time consuming, taking away so much time from my family. I thought there would be a few days I just wouldn’t have time to get to drawing, and that I’d either extend the challenge to make up for it or double up on some days.

That wasn’t the case. Yes, it took some time away from the family on weekends and in the evening when I was writing the blog post, but most of that was done either during quiet times or after they’d go to bed. And missing a day? I’m very happy and surprised to announce I did not miss a day at all! There were days I didn’t have a chance to reveal, but I was able to get each drawing done on it’s day.

But anyway….here’s my recap!


What I Learned:

Making my art a priority CAN be done! And SHOULD be done! Yes, I’m going to some crazy days or hectic weekends, but I still managed to get a couple hours of work in, even if it was hard. I need to remember this often!

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