Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 6

I loooove having background noise while I draw or paint.

Sometimes I’ll listen to music on Pandora, but more often than not I’ll have a tv show or movie playing. I like having something else to look at; my eyes will get so focused on what I’m drawing that having something else to look at here and there relaxes them and helps prevent headaches. Strange, maybe, but it works!

This morning I decided to have a movie on, and while I’m browsing through our movie selection, I decided on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Now, I love these movies, but they’re not ones I watch all the time. But for some reason today I had the Misty Mountains song stuck in my head and just had to watch this movie!

Once it was on, I sat down and started to draw. That’s when it hit me: I had the song stuck in my head because I’m drawing mountains today…and they’re surrounded by mist and fog…hence the song stuck in my head.

Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake.


Title: Misty Mountains

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: Me! I don’t remember what exactly sparked this idea, but we were driving somewhere and I decided I had to do a mountain. Why I chose it, I don’t know. Drawing hills and mountains drive me INSANERemember this piece? Rocks and hills for daaaayyyys.

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 5

This morning, I was so excited. We got a phone call around 5am that there was a snow day, so we had a lazy morning full of snuggles and sleeping in. We cleared the driveway of 12″+ of snow, and while we watched a movie, I worked on my drawing. It was going so well, I was going to not only have it done really early today, but also get the blog post written and scheduled to publish tonight while I was out with some friends, and it was going to be a fantastic day!

Well…you know what they say about plans.

After the movie was done, our youngest (who was home on Tuesday) moved from snuggling up against me, looked at me, and his eyes rolled. I put my hand on his cheek, and it was HOT. I grabbed the thermometer, and boom. 103.3. I grab my phone, ask the hubby to give him Tylenol, and call the doctor’s. It was a flurry of activity, scrambling to get our littlest dude out the door (who didn’t want to leave the comfy couch), get me dressed and presentable, and get on the road after a snow storm to the other doctor’s office half an hour away as our local one wasn’t open due to power outtages.

But we made it. It’s looking like our little has a virus, but we’re waiting on the 24 hour strep test (regular strep test was negative and he tested negative for the flu as well). He’s sleeping next to me on the couch right now, and I rescheduled tonight’s plans because all he wanted was his mama and to watch movies.

And that was more than okay with me.

Thankfully today’s drawing ended up being much easier, smoother, and quicker than I had anticipated because she somehow got finished:

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Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #23

I had a real hard time concentrating on this drawing.

We’re planning on putting our house on the market within the next year, and I got bit by the decluttering bug. The more I think about moving, the less I want to pack everything up! It’s amazing how much things we’ve accumulated, and even though I’ve gone through our home many many times, I want to get rid of EVERYTHING.

I tried to go to my office and ignore everything, but just knowing that the cluttered unfinished basement was on the other side of my office wall was still so distracting. I ended up organizing my studio, and that was enough for me to be able to draw in peace…

20170330_131423 - Edited

Title: The River

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

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Middlebury Sky

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve revealed a new piece on the blog, and even longer since I’ve revealed a painting! I thought we needed to resolve that problem, so I present to you Middlebury Sky!

MS 1 - Edited

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 8″ x 10″

When: Spring/Summer 2016

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