Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #6

I had no idea how this day was going to go. I mean, I was actually going to be home all day (well, except for dropping kiddos off at school…), so that in itself was just such a change after our crazy weekend. I was tired, the house was a disaster, and we were expecting a huge snowstorm to hit around midnight, so I needed to prepare in case the power went out again. My mind was everywhere except for on the drawing, and I think it took an hour of prep and thinking about composition and layout before my pencil even touched the paper.

Once I finally got to drawing, I realized that the day’s subject was just not going to happen. I couldn’t figure out what to draw, how to draw it, and it just wasn’t fun.

I decided to attempt the next day’s subject instead, and I think it went pretty well…

20170313_192840 - Edited

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