Fan Friday: ‘Blue Jay’ Print

I was going to wait and share this another week to space out the Fan Fridays, but I just couldn’t wait! I’m surprised I was even able to wait a week without sharing this…

First, I need to get something off of my chest: I have a lot of fear with my business. Whenever someone orders or buys something from me, I’m afraid that they’ll come back, unhappy with the product and leaving a bad review either online or by word of mouth, I’ll lose all my customers, and have to go out of business forever.

I know, it’s bad and kind of pretty pathetic, but it’s true.

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Fan Friday: Waters of Scotland

Introducing my newest series on the blog: Fan Friday!

Every so often on Fridays, I’ll post a customer (or fan, as there are no days of the week that begin with ‘c’!) picture of how they display or wear one of my pieces.

To kick us off, I give you Waters of Scotland!

This is one of my most popular designs, both as a print and as note cards.

This, however, is the original. It is displayed at my brother and his wife’s new place in their dining room:

20160626_150711 - Edited

Doesn’t it look fantastic on a blue wall? 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Jen and Jeremy! Or, at least, giving me permission to photograph and share 😉


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