Walking on Water

This week’s piece is…

Title: Walking on Water

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 10 hours over a week

Thought process: This one was one of the easiest to figure out what I was going to draw! However, actually making what I wanted happen wasn’t quite as easy…

Problems I encountered: Oh. My. Goodness. The water. So much water, so much waves. I’m still not completely satisfied, but I think you know what it is and what’s going on.

Favorite part: Getting Peter’s expression down! Oh, and for some reason I really like the boat and how that turned out. And the clouds are pretty good, too!

Least favorite part: The water could have been better, but I don’t think it’s super awful, either.

Questions on this piece:

Why do you have Peter sinking and not walking on the water as well? I love that part of the story!

Honestly, it never occurred to me to have him walk on the water; I always knew I’d have him sinking. When I read this story (Matthew 14:22-23), I focus more on that he’s human and gets distracted by silly things. He loses focus on what’s really important, and that’s Jesus. I wanted to convey that, hence him sinking.

Product availability: Unavailable at this time.

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I’m not sold on the title for this piece. What would you title it?


Wedding Miracle

And for this week’s featured piece is drawing #3 out of 11 in my Jesus series:

Title: Wedding Miracle

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 6 hours over a week

Thought process: This one was really hard for me. There isn’t that much detail in this story, so trying to figure out what it looked like was pretty stressful. This was Jesus’ first miracle (turning water into wine), so I wanted to make that the focus.

Problems I encountered: Everything? Trying to get a balance between the jars and background was really hard. I didn’t want to put a lot of design on the water jars and have it be super busy, but leaving them plain made the drawing look unfinished. I ended up just pushing the shadows bigger and darker to find that balance. Trying to fit all the jars into the composition without leaving a lot of empty space was also tricky.

Getting the water and wine to look liquid was hard, too!

Favorite part: Putting my signature on this as this was a really really stressful drawing and I was glad it was finished. Also hearing other people say they love it made me feel better about it.

Least favorite part: Everything else. I really don’t like this one, but not sure how I’d fix it or make it better. I hate not liking my work!

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With the craziness of getting ready for my daughter’s birthday and all of us getting head colds, I completely forgot to put up last week’s featured piece!

Here it is, late but still great:

Title: Baptism

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 10 hours over a week

Thought process: I really liked the imagery of the Holy Spirit coming down like a dove , and knew I had to incorporate that somehow. That was pretty much the starting point for this piece, and everything else just fell into place!

Problems I encountered: Getting Jesus’ hair to look wet and not like dreadlocks, getting the water to look water-ish, and getting the light rays to look light-ish and not like some big light fingers reaching down to grab Jesus 🙂

Favorite part: How soft the dove looks! I didn’t want it to stand out because it really wasn’t a dove coming down, but just the Holy Spirit coming down in a dove-like way. I think it turned out perfectly 🙂

Least favorite part: Either the fold on the back of Jesus’ tunic or the fact that there is no nice transition between Jesus and the water; it just looks like he’s been chopped off at the waist and put on top of the water. You should be able to see some of his tunic through the water at the surface, and I didn’t do that.

Fun tidbits:

– This is also one of the six drawings on display at our church 🙂

Product availability: Unavailable. I’m planning on making an assorted set of note cards from the Jesus drawings, and this one may get a spot in the set.

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Three years ago my pastor and I collaborated on a project. During Lent, he was going to be going through various stories about Jesus’ life and asked if I would be interested in doing a drawing to go along with each sermon. I jumped at the chance to draw again, and I believe that this project was the start of me turning my art hobby into a business.

As Lent is quickly approaching, I thought it would be perfect timing to do a behind the scenes look at each piece. As there are more drawings than weeks of Lent (some weekends two drawings released), I’m starting a little bit early.

This week’s piece is the first in the series:

Title: Nativity

Medium: Graphite on paper

Size: 18″ x 24″

When: Winter 2012

Time to complete: About 10 hours over a week

Thought process: Pastor Dale would give me the scriptures he was preaching out of, and then I got to choose what to put in the drawing from that story. It was a lot of fun going in and studying the stories and bringing them to life visually. I knew I wanted to do Jesus in the manger, and then filled characters in around that.

Problems I encountered: This was the largest drawing I had done in years, and hadn’t really drawn in general for quite awhile. It took me a little bit to remember how to do everything, so it was slow going at first.

Getting Mary’s hands (back left) still aren’t quite right, but they’re better than they had been.

Favorite part: The mouse, for sure! When I was figuring out what to put in the picture, it made me think that this really isn’t as clean and pristine of a barn as we are so used to seeing in books and movies. I wanted to convey that somehow, so I included the little mouse under the manger.

Least favorite part: Definitely Mary’s hands.

Fun tidbits:

– Baby Jesus is actually modeled after a picture of my daughter taken the day after she was born!

– This is one of the six drawings from the series on permanent display at church.

Product availability: This is available as a print, and will also be available as note cards around Christmas!