New Piece Alert: Harry

Just as a warning, there might be a theme for some of these newer pieces. When I started relaunching my business, we happened to have our annual Apps family vacation fall smack dab right in the middle of it. And when we stayed on a beautiful river and as an artist I am obsessed with clouds, sunrises/sunsets, and all things landscape and of nature, we can just say that there were a lot of photos taken as inspiration for future pieces (including Serenity Bay!).

While we were on vacation, I was asking some of our family members what kinds of things they’d like to see me do. The #1 response? Another blue heron…

Title: Harry

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 2

Day 2, and already things didn’t go as planned…but for once, it was for the drawing’s benefit!

Today’s plan was to get kids on the bus, eat, then go run errands and grocery shop, and then at some point help finish up the plan for Bible club tomorrow with another one of the leaders. As the hubby and kids weren’t going to be getting home until at least 5, it was the perfect day to get all those things done while still having uninterrupted drawing time.

But, it wasn’t meant to be…my littlest guy wasn’t feeling well this morning and stayed home from school. I cancelled all my plans, watched tons of movies, and got my drawing in between all the snuggles.


But onto the drawing from today! The preview I shared on Facebook and Instagram really threw everyone for a loop (sorry, guys!), but here’s the non-monkey-dog-cat-cat butt-ostrich in all his glory:

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