Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 11

Hello, Monday!

I had a great weekend: on Saturday, we (aka my husband) were able to get my scanner up and running so I can turn these drawings into prints, and I started getting the original drawings up in my Etsy store. Yesterday my youngest and I went to my hometown to visit with my bestie from grade school and her son and surprised my parents with a quick visit as well.

I did miss drawing, though, and was very much looking forward to getting back to it today!

2018-03-12 14.38.10-1

Title: Barred Owl

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: I originally put an owl on the list, but it was also nominated by my friend Marie B!

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 10

It’s Day 10 already! The challenge is two-fifths completed, and while part of me is exhausted by it already, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m almost at the halfway point.

Today was a rough drawing day. I couldn’t figure out what to draw; I was completely uninspired by everything on my list. Once I finally chose the subject for the day, I couldn’t choose which resource image to use! I couldn’t concentrate on drawing, and between babysitting all day and then having exhausted kids on a Friday afternoon, it was just a long day and I didn’t want to work. However, it’s 8:30, the drawing was just finished, and all of our plans for tomorrow were rescheduled so we’re able to get some much needed sleep in the morning, yay!

Here’s today’s piece:

2018-03-09 20.21.44

Title: Baby Skunk

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: A skunk is not something I would have ever thought about doing, but this piece has a special place in my heart due to the circumstances in which it was nominated. My first year at the Brockport Arts Festival, I had a woman and man quickly walk past my booth, pausing just long enough to ask if I had any skunk pieces. I replied no, and they left as quickly as they had arrived. Now, I have never ever been asked for skunk pieces, and to me, it’s not a typical request. I figured it was just them quickly going through the festival for something specific (like the food), and were just being silly. But that was actually not the case! They showed up again last year, but stopped outside my booth instead of running past. She asked for skunks, I laughed, said that while I didn’t have any, I remembered the request from last year. They came in, we chatted (they were surprised I remembered them), and they fell in love with my drawings. Apparently she has the nickname Skunk and collects them, so the request for skunks was a genuine request. She asked if I would be back next year, and that if I was, would I have a drawing or print of a skunk, and maybe even notecards with them on it. I told her that I would have things ready, and she promised to come back and make a purchase. And that’s how the skunk came to be on my list this year!

2018-03-09 20.25.54

Favorite parts: Skunk whiskers! Cute baby skunk paws! All the skunk cuteness! Also the background; I’m working really really hard this year on making my backgrounds interesting. I just gave the smallest hint that there was grass behind the skunk’s log, and I don’t know, but I feel like it really helped the piece as a whole.

2018-03-09 20.23.44

Complicated parts: I thought this piece would be easy after doing the sloth yesterday. but no. The fur was either black or white, no real inbetween. To add dimension to the black, I had to erase, but trying to get enough dimension without it looking white was hard, and then adding some dimension to the white without it turning muddy looking was hard. I spent as much time doing the hair as I did everything else in the drawing combined!

2018-03-09 20.24.35

Other thoughts: As I was working on the skunk, I was wanting to turn him into a badger. I don’t necessarily have a thing for badgers, but they are the mascot for my Hogwarts house, the Hufflepuffs! So it got me thinking about doing a realistic picture of each animal for the Hogwarts houses and selling them as prints individually or as sets. I’m trying to break away from things like that, but at the same time, I think it would be awesome to have a set of drawings in my future movie room with the lion, badger, snake and eagle/raven as a subtle yet geeky way to decorate the space. Thoughts?

Product availability: The original is available for purchase in my Etsy store here, and prints will be coming. Notecards available by special request.


Skunks: yay or nay? I say yay for cuteness, nay for the stinkiness!


Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 9

Today, I bring you a self-portrait. While it may not look like me, the resemblance in behavior is truly uncanny.

You see, I’m running on very, very little sleep today. Two nights ago our oldest was coughing all night long. She slept through it just fine, but even medicine, Vicks on her chest and feet, propping her up with pillows, and diffusing essential oils in her room wouldn’t calm that cough. The master bedroom is right next to it, so we heard her…and hardly slept.

Last night my hubby and I went to bed early and passed out. But, in the wee early hours of the morning, our youngest woke up crying…then screaming. Once I got him to quiet down, he said his rib hurt. He couldn’t move, but he was breathing fine and he had no fever (he was sick last week). It was the strangest thing! I took him to the bathroom which didn’t help, and then I let him watch some YouTube for awhile on my phone just so we could both lay down and try and rest. Once I got him to sleep (over an hour later), I tossed and turned for awhile.

How I ever survived having newborns, I will never know.

Then this morning, all three kids had a dentist appointment at 8, so the boys had to be up and ready earlier, but we all overslept. Once we got to the dentist’s office, I thought I was doing good by being there 5 minutes early. Woo hoo!

Nope. This tired momma was A WEEK and 5 minutes early.

Yep. Totally wrote the wrong day on my calendar.

They were so understanding and able to get all three kids in anyway (thank you appointment cancellers!), and I got them to school just fine. The rest of my day was crazy, between babysitting this afternoon, staggered pick up times for the boy’s activities after school, and the hubby and girlie at a swim meet this evening.

Just thinking about the rest of the day has me feeling, well….kinda like this guy:

2018-03-08 14.12.59

Title: Sloth

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: Jessica B on Instagram and Raylene L on Facebook! Love this suggestion, ladies!

2018-03-08 14.13.59

Favorite parts: Ummm…yes. I just love him so, I want to snuggle him. Is that weird? I really wasn’t sure how he’d turn out with all the hair and funny claws and little pig nose, but he is adorable and I love him to pieces. It’s a good thing that I’m not allowed to keep all my artwork (mostly due to lack of wall space for it all!), otherwise I think he’d be staying here.

2018-03-08 14.15.27

Challenging parts: Sloths join in the ranks with the giraffe and koala in the ‘Strange Looking Animals’ category! I had no idea sloth noses could look so similar to a pig’s snout! And their claws, while I knew about them, they’re not quite exactly what I always thought they’d look like. And hair….so much hair. But thankfully I’m far enough into the challenge I remember how to draw now! It also helped a lot that I found my favorite eraser pencil! YAAAYYYY!!!!! That made the hair so much easier. It probably cut down on an hour’s worth of work.

2018-03-08 14.14.41

Product availability: The original is available for purchase (contact me directly, will be listing on Etsy soon). Prints will be available shortly as well.

*** UPDATE: The original has sold.


How was your day today? 

Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 7

Note to self: next year, don’t do this challenge in March!

March was hectic last year with one kid in play practice rehearsals almost every afternoon and one kid in Odyssey of the Mind with multiple practices each week leading up to his regional competition at the end of the month.

This year I have one kid participating in modified swim, both boys are doing Odyssey of the Mind, and one kid has play practice. It makes working in the afternoons a little easier as no one is home before 5, but then there are days like today where pick ups are staggered and snacks for OM practices turn into dinner for the team as it’s a later practice….and keeping all the schedules straight is a full time job!

But enough about my craziness, you’re all here to see what today’s drawing subject was!

2018-03-06 18.18.10

Title: Giraffe

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 6

I loooove having background noise while I draw or paint.

Sometimes I’ll listen to music on Pandora, but more often than not I’ll have a tv show or movie playing. I like having something else to look at; my eyes will get so focused on what I’m drawing that having something else to look at here and there relaxes them and helps prevent headaches. Strange, maybe, but it works!

This morning I decided to have a movie on, and while I’m browsing through our movie selection, I decided on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Now, I love these movies, but they’re not ones I watch all the time. But for some reason today I had the Misty Mountains song stuck in my head and just had to watch this movie!

Once it was on, I sat down and started to draw. That’s when it hit me: I had the song stuck in my head because I’m drawing mountains today…and they’re surrounded by mist and fog…hence the song stuck in my head.

Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake.


Title: Misty Mountains

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: Me! I don’t remember what exactly sparked this idea, but we were driving somewhere and I decided I had to do a mountain. Why I chose it, I don’t know. Drawing hills and mountains drive me INSANERemember this piece? Rocks and hills for daaaayyyys.

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Hey There Little Buddy!

Look whooooo’s heeeeeeerrreeee!!!!


For those of you who are new to the blog, when I’m not doing crazy drawing challenges, I have the priviledge of illustrating a children’s book series called The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse. I work on them with the amazingly talented author RV Hodge, and after a very long break (aka the illustrator, aka me, took almost a year off for moving), we’re back at it! Book 4 is IN MY HANDS!

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 5

This morning, I was so excited. We got a phone call around 5am that there was a snow day, so we had a lazy morning full of snuggles and sleeping in. We cleared the driveway of 12″+ of snow, and while we watched a movie, I worked on my drawing. It was going so well, I was going to not only have it done really early today, but also get the blog post written and scheduled to publish tonight while I was out with some friends, and it was going to be a fantastic day!

Well…you know what they say about plans.

After the movie was done, our youngest (who was home on Tuesday) moved from snuggling up against me, looked at me, and his eyes rolled. I put my hand on his cheek, and it was HOT. I grabbed the thermometer, and boom. 103.3. I grab my phone, ask the hubby to give him Tylenol, and call the doctor’s. It was a flurry of activity, scrambling to get our littlest dude out the door (who didn’t want to leave the comfy couch), get me dressed and presentable, and get on the road after a snow storm to the other doctor’s office half an hour away as our local one wasn’t open due to power outtages.

But we made it. It’s looking like our little has a virus, but we’re waiting on the 24 hour strep test (regular strep test was negative and he tested negative for the flu as well). He’s sleeping next to me on the couch right now, and I rescheduled tonight’s plans because all he wanted was his mama and to watch movies.

And that was more than okay with me.

Thankfully today’s drawing ended up being much easier, smoother, and quicker than I had anticipated because she somehow got finished:

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 4

I know, it’s Day #5…I’m late getting this post up. I didn’t finish the drawing last night until almost 10, and by that time…all I wanted to do was pass out!

Yesterday I had two sweet little 4 year old boys here for the day. They arrived at 7:30 and hung out with me until 12:30 when I took them to school. I was able to draw until I picked them up at 3, but then had them until 4:30/4:45ish and had all the mom jobs until about 8 last night kids finally went to bed and the hubby got home.

It was a long day, but I managed to get the drawing completed:


Title: Orchids

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Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 3


One of the main reasons why I do this challenge is to prove to myself that I can make my art a priority, even on the craziest days. And today…I would have not done my art if it hadn’t been for this challenge!

My day consisted of making sure the boys were on the bus either at 7:20 or 8:20, my daughter and I were out of here by 8:30 for her orthodontist appointment, then back to school for her at 10:30. I went home, made up grocery lists, went shopping and was back at 12. I put away most of the groceries, grabbed lunch, and then finally sat down to draw. A few minutes to 3 I went to school for Bible Club, got home at 5, drew until dinner at 5:30, then finished the drawing shortly after 6.

Again, whew.

But he is done!

Bird full (1)

Title: Chickadee

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