Throwback Thursday: The Prinzi House

Here’s this week’s Throwback Thursday piece! Title: Untitled (The Prinzi House) Medium: Graphite on paper Size: 11″ x 14″ When: Late summer/early fall 2013 Purpose: Commissioned by the Shermans Time to complete: Actual drawing time was 2 weeks; there was a lot of planning and waiting before I could start drawing. History: This was commissioned by some friends of ours … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Prinzi House

My first commission as Back to the Drawing Board!

Here’s my first piece finished under the Back to the Drawing Board name! Woo hoo! Medium: Graphite pencil on paper Size: 8″ x 10″; framed with a mat to be 11″ x 14″ Purpose: Commissioned by the Sobles Time to complete: Approximately 10-12 hours over a two week period. History: Every year our church has an auction … Continue reading My first commission as Back to the Drawing Board!