Boathouse Misses the Boat Easter Eggs & Behind the Scenes

If you haven’t heard yet, the fourth book in the The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse is now available!!!! I have the honor and privilege of illustrating this book series with my friend and talented author, RV Hodge. You may have noticed this book took a really, really long time to come out. In the four […]

Coming Soon: Boathouse Products!

Remember how I had three people ask me about Boathouse prints at the AppleUmpkin Festival? Well, now I can say that I have two designs available with more on their way soon! For RV’s birthday, I worked on designing a couple prints for him as part of his gift. It wasn’t as easy as I had […]

Boathouse, School, and Public Speaking, Oh My!

Can I let you guys in on a little secret? I hate public speaking. Okay, so maybe hate is too strong of a word….how about I thoroughly dislike public speaking? Being in front of people and having them look at me gives me the heebie jeebies. I break out into splotchy hives under my neck […]

Boathouse Goes to School

Back in November, a woman from my church approached RV and me about buying Boathouse books for a preschool class that she helps to teach. They were going to be doing an author/illustrator unit, and would love to use Boathouse as their featured book. It was exciting to hear that a school was going to be using […]

Boathouse Mouse

The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse is a children’s book series created by author RV Hodge. I have the honor and privilege of being the illustrator for the series and help bring Boathouse and his friends to life! One of my favorite parts about illustrating is getting to go into schools and share what it’s like […]