New Piece: Sandpiper

It’s probably no surprise, but I love painting and drawing birds. They’re the animal I create most often, and they are my most requested subject as well. On our vacations to the Outer Banks, sandpipers are one of our favorite birds to watch while we’re on the beach, and I knew I’d be painting one soon…

Title: Sandpiper

Size: 5″ x 7″, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor, ink, & graphite

Favorite part: The color palette! I love the muted, beach at dusk colors.

Least favorite part: His legs. But sandpiper legs are weird anyway, so I’m not sure if it’s the way I got it on paper or just their legs in general!

Challenging part: I think the most challenging part of this piece was getting a decent picture of the sandpiper itself! They’re so fast and skittish so a lot of my pictures ended up blurry. I had to take multiple pictures we took and put them together to create this bird!

Product availability: The original is heading to Yard of Ale to be on display through July. It is available for purchase at the restaurant or will be on my Etsy shop afterwards (unless sold at the restaurant). Prints coming soon.

What’s your favorite bird?

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