New Mediums

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know I love watercolors.

You might also know that I love drawing with graphite pencils.

I’ve been after a way to combine the two loves into one cohesive piece lately, but no matter what I’ve tried, it never looks…right.

Well, I decided to reorganize and redecorate my office, and guess what I found buried in a spot that never should have held this particular item?


Watercolor + graphite? YES. PLEASE.

Combining the water soluble graphite with watercolors has been SO MUCH FUN to experiment with! It’s adding depth and dimension to my pieces and it just makes me super happy!

I was a little skeptical about how the pencils would work, but actually, they’re so easy to work with. You can sketch with them like regular pencils and then add water with a brush on top if you wanted, or you can use a wet brush, grab some graphite from the tip of the pencil, and then use it like watercolor. The only complaint I have is that once you put it down and it dries, it will move around and blend more when it gets wet. This actually is an advantage (because you can change things up as needed) or a disadvantage (because if you love something one way, it’s easily altered if you’re not careful), so depending on the situation, you might like or not like the results!

If you’re interested in trying the water soluble pencils, you can find them here. I don’t get paid for sharing about them, I just love them!

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