She’s Creative!

Ever since my daughter was little, my husband and I had a feeling she would choose a college major/career path leaning towards the arts or something very creative.

Now that she’s a senior in high school (who let that happen??!??!), college applications are in, the deposit was sent to her #1 school, and her double major has been chosen, our initial guesses were right: she’s creative!

It’s really neat to see my girlie, the one who takes so much after her father/my husband’s side of the family, finally take after me. She looks like them, acts like them…but yet she’s following in my footsteps and choosing art fields for her future. My genes really are in there after all!

I’m excited to see where her path goes; she’ll be double majoring in Creative Writing and Digital Media with a concentration in Film. Her future is so bright, and I can’t wait to see what it holds for her!

If you have kids, do they tend to favor you or their other parent? My oldest son is my husband’s twin, yet acts like me, and our younger son looks and acts just like me! Only took three tries to get one who looked like me!

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