New Piece: Sundown

A question I get often is do I use reference images for all of my pieces or can I just draw/paint them by memory. My answer is always this: I have to use reference images!

That statement is no longer true because of this piece…

Let me introduce you to the first piece I’ve ever completed, start to finish, without a single reference image. This piece was created just by following my heart and the emotions I was having that particular day. I think I need to do this more often because there was no fighting with the piece, I just went with the flow and it was a beautiful experience!

Title: Sundown

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite, watercolor, & ink

Favorite part: The blending of the yellow oranges and purple blues! It’s perfection, getting colors to blend that are so opposite tend to do funny things, but this…gahhh I love it.

Least favorite part: The birds feel a little flat to me but I’ve been told that I’m crazy and they look great so I think it’s a me problem!

Product availability: The original painting is available in my Etsy shop here, prints are coming soon

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