New Piece: Lunar Lullaby

I’ve mentioned before that there are times when pieces don’t go the way I intentionally planned…and this piece is no different!

This piece came together really easily. The color gradient, the clouds, it was so smooth and seamless…but it felt like it was missing something. I hadn’t planned for anything but the clouds to be in the painting, so I was feeling a little frustrated. I had the name Lullaby in my head, but that felt like it was missing something as well. I happened to be talking to my husband about something and it inspired me to try putting a moon into the piece, and it was perfect! The alliteration for using ‘lunar’ in the title with lullaby was the sprinkles on top (because sprinkles are better than cherries!).

Title: Lunar Lullaby

Size: 5×7, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor and ink

Favorite part: Yes? I honestly don’t think there is anything about this piece I don’t really like. I love the softness, the color blending, the way the clouds turned out. If I had to pick something, I wish the white of the moon was a little brighter, but I think the softness works well and if it was brighter, it might have been too much.

Least favorite part: The fact it sold so fast and I couldn’t remember if I had scanned it for making prints or not! (Spoiler: I did) But really, I love this piece!

Product availability: The original has sold, but prints are available here.

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