New Piece: Sherbet Skies

I went through a period of time this past winter where every watercolor piece I created looked great on my reference image, but as soon as I got it onto the paper, the composition was awkward. This piece originally had another set of clouds along the left, but I felt like it just looked better cropped, so I trimmed it down and went with the smaller, better composed piece!

Title: Sherbet Skies

Size: 5×7, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor & ink

Favorite part: I love how light and airy the clouds are, and how the sky blends from purple at top to the orangey glow of the sunrise at the bottom!

Least favorite part: This was more for creating the piece than the finished product, but getting the snow on the ground to still be white-ish while having some shadows was really tricky!

Product availability: The original, prints & notecards are all available.

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