New Piece: Autumn Farewell

We live in a beautiful part of Western New York where the views are amazing. I love driving down back roads, especially for sunrises and sunsets, and just take in the view. This painting was based on a late autumn morning, and I was taken aback at how the bright blue sky and purple and white fluffy clouds were so vibrant when paired with the bare, dark trees and chopped down cornfields. I of course had to take a picture and paint it!

Title: Autumn Farewell

Size: 4″x6″, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor and ink

Favorite part: I love the way the clouds turned out, but my favorite part? Probably the trees! I struggle with doing watercolor trees like these and making them look varied, and I think this is the first time that I did pretty good job getting the way them to look the way I wanted!

Least favorite part: If I HAD to choose something, it would probably be the shading in the field, but it’s actually how it looked in real life, I just think I’m being picky about how I painted it!

Fun tidbit: This originally wasn’t going to be a 4″x6″ piece but a 5″x7″! The inspiration photograph had a single cloud above the rest and I loved it. However, when I painted it in, it was distracting and very random looking. I didn’t want to scrap the entire piece because I loved everything else, so I ended up sizing it down and cutting that cloud out, resulting in the final piece!

Product availability: The original is available here and prints are available here!

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