New Piece: Cotton Candy Skies

I love spring mornings.

You know the ones: when the sun finally feels warm, there is a slight breeze, the sky bright blue and the leaves starting to bud on the trees. It feels amazing to the senses and the soul after a long winter!

One one of these mornings as I was keeping an eye on kiddos waiting to board the bus to school, there were fluffy pink clouds in the sky that reminded us of cotton candy, and so this piece was inspired!

Title: Cotton Candy Skies

Size: 4×6, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor

Favorite part: Clouds are so not easy to paint. I’ve struggled with them for awhile, and these ones turned out perfect. They’re light and fluffy and they make my heart so happy!

Least favorite part: I wish I had made the painting bigger!

Product availability: The original is available here. Prints coming soon!

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