Tags & Packaging

I’ve been working on making some changes? improvements? to some of my displays and packaging!

First up: price tags for festivals!

I love using hanging tags because it doesn’t harm the frame or leave sticky residue on the glass. In the past I will just take my tag punch and use white cardstock and that has worked wonderfully, but I thought I could elevate them and make them unique.

I spent some time thinking about what I could do different, and as I finished a watercolor painting it hit me: I use scrap watercolor paper for testing colors before putting it onto my piece, and then I just put it into the recycling when the paper is full. What if I used that paper as my hang tags? They’re making use out of something I’d normally get rid of, saves me money as I no longer need to buy cardstock, and it jazzes up my hang tags!

I’ve also wanted to make my orders (primarily prints and original, unframed drawings) a little more special when they are received in the mail. I spent time trying to find a packaging that was easy, affordable, yet still made the buyer feel special when opening it.

I had my daughter help with the design, and we ended up on these: brown paper flat bags with a thank you sticker and then washi tape to close the bag. It’s not much, but just enough to elevate the opening of the order a little more special!

Shout out to my youngest for putting the stickers on all the bags for me, he wanted to earn some money so he happily did this repetitive job for me!

Stay tuned for more improvements as I continue to work through them! What do you think of the tags and packaging updates?

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