New Piece: Calm Before the Storm

Why is it that clouds are at their most beautiful right before storms roll in? The contrast between the dark and the light, the shapes…it is stunning.

Title: Calm Before the Storm

This piece was inspired by a driving lesson with my daughter, and the longer we were out, the worse the weather was getting. We turned around for home and were greeted with the most amazing dark clouds filling up the sky!

Size: 8×10 in a mat and frame

Medium: Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Favorite Part: I finally finally FINALLY am starting to get the hang of clouds!

I also love the way the colors as a whole in this piece play together

Least Favorite Part: Other than I can’t keep every piece I love cause this one would stay with me forever? I don’t really think I have one.

Product Availability: The original is available here and prints are coming really soon!

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