New Piece: Sunset Memory

One of my favorite places to be is always the ocean. I love watching and listening to the waves and watching the clouds roll by, but there is something magical about the sunset over the water. The way the sky changes colors, the clouds darken, and night starts to take over…it makes me feel at peace and so, so happy.

Which means, you guessed it, I was inspired to make a painting of it!

Title: Sunset Memory

Size: 5″ x 7″, matted and framed

Medium: Watercolor

Favorite Part: The reflection of the sunset on the waves! Oh, and the way the sky turned out. Getting the blue of the dark sky and the sunset to play nice together is really really hard. The blue and yellows like to turn green or there will be a weird line between the colors. The way this turned out makes my hear treally happy!

Least Favorite Part: I don’t really have one!

Product Availability: The original is up on my Etsy site and the print will be listed soon!

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