New Piece: Be Still

This piece was heartbreaking to create.

A few years ago, I had done basically this exact painting and it was by far my favorite painting I’d ever done. Every time I took it to festivals, I hoped it wouldn’t sell because I loved it so much. Whenever anyone would favorite it on Etsy, I apprehensively awaited that glorious cash register noise, telling me it had sold and would be leaving me forever.

Why I didn’t just keep the piece for myself, I don’t know.

Well, unfortunately the piece was damaged beyond repair in our move a few years ago. I’d kept it just because I couldn’t bear to part with it. I tried fixing it just to keep it for myself, but it didn’t work out. I finally convinced myself to let it go, but I had to recreate it first…and that’s how this piece came to be!

Title: Be Still

Size: 8″ x 10″

Medium: Finger painted oils on canvas

Favorite part: I love how moody this piece is! The original one I did wasn’t quite this moody, so I love how my emotions impacted this piece more. I also love how the waves on the water look!

Least favorite part: The fact that it’s not the original painting? In all seriousness I do love the way this one turned out…but I miss the original 😦

Other fun tidbits: The original piece was created after one of our vacations to the Outer Banks. There was a hurricane heading straight for us, and while I was more than just a little scared and nervous for it, the clouds before the storm were AMAZING, and which is why I needed to create these pieces to try and get that down on canvas.

Product availability: The original is available here for purchase and prints are here.

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