My Travel Art Bag

As an artist, you never quite know when inspiration will strike. Back in early 2019, my husband and I were heading out west to Las Vegas and because I knew we wanted to go to the desert, I just had to bring some art supplies with me.

Enter the travel bag.

I keep this bag freshly stocked and within easy reach whenever I know we are going somewhere and I may either have time to draw or inspiration might make me take the time to draw!

What I include:

I love messenger bags, so that was a natural choice for me. This was an extra bag I had laying around, and it was the perfect size for my travel sized supplies. This is the shop we originally got it from, but at the time of this posting her shop is on vacation. Goodwill and other thrift stores always have a great selection, or if you happen to have an old bag on hand you can use that!

Pencils are a must! I love this little set, it contains all the pencils I need as well as it comes in it’s own handy carrying tin, perfect for creating on the go. I also have a ziploc bag for my blenders, a pencil sharpener and various erasers that I might want.

Sometimes I want to paint, though, like when we were in the Las Vegas desert. These travel watercolor paintbrushes are fantastic as they store the water in the handle (meaning I don’t have to hunt down water) and then these travel watercolor paints are just genius!

Of course, you can’t paint or draw without paper, so I keep a small pad of both drawing and watercolor paper in my bag. They’re about 5×7 in size so they fit well, are big enough to sketch on, and if I have time, big enough to create a finished piece as well.

And last but not least, I have a hair clip attached to the bag strap for my hair because #longhairproblems 😉

This makes a great gift for any artist of any age and is really easy to adapt to their specific tastes in mediums!

PS: I do not get any perks for any of the links you click on, I just wanted to share similar products for some of the more unique products I keep in my bag!

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