Office Progress & Why I’m Hardly Working

When we moved into our house 7 1/2 months ago, we knew that we were going to have to do a lot of demolition to the basement in order for me to have my office down there. I have to be honest, it’s been really hard waiting for all of the work to be finished. After taking almost a year off for the entire moving process, I’m more than ready to get back to work, especially as the current situation is a little challenging:




99% of my supplies and inventory are still in boxes in our sunroom. I know it looks like a mess and it’s super embarrassing to share with you, but no matter how much I organize it, moving boxes all around and the cat knocking stacks of boxes over just brings the chaos right back. My drafting table is my current desk in our living room, and the supplies I use almost daily are in the white bookcase under the printer to the side. It’s not ideal by any means, it’s frustrating because I can’t find anything, but it works(ish).

Over Christmas break we started the demolition by tearing down not one but TWO ceilings in my office area! The original ceiling boards are still up as we’re not sure if we’re going to have an open ceiling or put something up, so until we decide, we’ll leave them.

Basement before

ceiling progress

Over Spring break we started removing the paneling from around the walls. The plan was then to either paint the block or frame it in and drywall it….but the brakes on the entire project were slammed quick and brought the entire project to a halt: the entire west wall of the foundation was cracked and bowing in.

To say we were surprised isn’t completely accurate, unfortunately. When we looked at the house originally, there had been some water in the basement so we had the owners remove some paneling. There had been cracks and bowing in of the foundation on that wall, so they completely fixed it for us and the water disappeared, so we thought we were fine. Over the winter there was still some water coming in, especially during thaws or when it might rain, but it was definitely less than what had been there before. The newly found damage isn’t as bad as what was found last summer, thankfully. But we couldn’t proceed with my office until the wall was fixed.

Well, work started TODAY!!!!

Today it was bracing the wall, getting the hydraulics ready to push the wall back into place, and removing old, damaged mortar from between the blocks:

basement ready

The cracks look so much worse than they had been, and that’s because they removed a lot of the mortar.

Tomorrow they dig out the ground on the other side of the wall and push the wall back into place. They’ll also re-mortar the blocks, fill the ground with stone, and then top it off with dirt, but I’m not sure if that happens tomorrow or later. The little boys I babysat today were very excited to see this in the yard on our way into school this afternoon!


So yeah, it’s hard sharing this, but I know a lot of you have been concerned that I haven’t been working or have wondered why I’m not posting new work as much as I had been. I want to be working, it’s just hard to be doing it when I don’t have the right tools easily accessible. The Drawing a Day Challenge was easy as I worked on a clipboard, so I’d put a pillow in my lap, prop the clipboard up, and be good to go. The newest Lord of the Rings drawing is a lot harder as the board is bigger, so it’s harder to balance and therefore takes twice as long to make any progress. I can do some Boathouse work, but it’s so much easier to do with my drafting table accessible. It’s easy to make prints, which is why I’m adding them like crazy to my Etsy shop. Updating listings and photos in my Etsy shop is something I’m working on a lot as well. Other things, not so much right now, but I’m trying as best as I can.

I thank you all so much for your patience with me, I know this has been a rough year, but I’m hopeful to be in my office in the next month or so and be really cranking through the projects!

Let me know if you want to see my designs for my future office space, and I’d be more than happy to do a blog post on that. It’s going to be a lot different from the old house as my office was in one area, and the studio was in another. In this house, they’ll be in the same room 🙂

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