The Wrong Direction Easter Eggs

This blog post is extremely overdue. However, it’s Easter weekend, so I thought it might be appropriate to finally post now!

The Wrong Direction is the 3rd installment of the children’s book series The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse, and I have the honor and privilege of illustrating them. This book came out in April 2017, almost a year ago!!!!

While I was illustrating this book, I had some fun with it and included Easter Eggs, just like I did with The Cat and the River ThamesIf you’re unfamiliar with Easter Eggs, they’re fun little details included in movies, whether it be hidden details or references to other movies (Disney and Pixar are well known for these!). One thing I’m trying to add in each book now is a cameo of the person I’m dedicating it to. I didn’t do it for Book 1, and Book 2 was my parents.

Book 3 was originally going to be dedicated to my daughter. I was going to go in age order for the kiddos, but once I read the book, there was one scene that changed my mind:


My youngest is obsessed with anything outer space, and when I saw that Boathouse and Tom were going to be stargazing and watching the aurora borealis, I just knew this book was for my little astronaut. I even snuck in his favorite constellation, Orion!


It also made sense for this to be his book as there was a cabin boy who helped catch the fish, and on one of our family vacations, our little due (who was like 3 at the time) caught the biggest fish of the whole week! Here’s my little guy on Wanderer!


Fun fact: one of my guy’s nicknames is Fish!

My favorite part of the Easter Eggs? The pages face each other! I tried to make it so the eyes would be gazing over to the stars 🙂

Here’s my dude reading “his” book!

Ryan BHM

I hope you enjoyed these Easter Eggs! I’m starting to work on Book 4 in the series, so expect a lot of more Boathouse posts coming 🙂

You can find books 1 – 3 here in my Etsy store.

Who’s ready for some previews of Book 4?

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