Drawing a Day Challenge 2018: Day 23

Today’s drawing did not go the way I wanted it to by any means…but that’s completely and utterly my fault.

I asked on Facebook if I should finish up the Hogwarts House series that I started yesterday or if I should continue to choose the subjects randomly. That question completely backfired when my results were tied! I decided to choose one subject at random and then throw that suggestion and one of the house mascots into a bowl and draw that way. Well, that ALSO backfired when I drew randomly and it was a house mascot….and it just happened to be the one I’m terrified of:


Title: Snake

Size: 5×7

Medium: Graphite pencil and white ink gel pen on acid free paper

Inspired/nominated by: Me and my idea to do the Hogwarts House mascots in real life. The Hufflepuff badger was done yesterday and this is the Slytherin snake; I still have the Gryffindor lion and Ravenclaw raven/eagle left.

snake detail 2

Favorite part: The eyes, for sure! Also the scales. They’re so much like feathers but smooth in texture. They were time consuming, but so much easier than actual feathers to do!

snake detail

Challenging parts: Choosing a reference image! I know so many of you love snakes and think they’re amazing, but I am honestly terrified of them. I will see one outside and run into my house. I will see a picture of one and have to close the book or computer and go to another room. Every year when spring and summer roll around, I challenge myself to get over my fear before fall comes, and last year I even touched one that my hubby had caught by our pool. I was SO PROUD of myself! However that night I had a dream that I was in a pit of snakes and they were slithering all over me and suffocating me; I woke my husband up with my screams and throwing the blankets and pillows off of the bed. We’ve agreed I just can’t be around snakes or deal with them at all. It’s an irrational fear but it is very very real. I talked myself into looking up images by just searching for snake faces, and then I just pretended they were lizard faces (and I LOOOOOVE lizards, even iguanas which have bit me before), and I was able to handle it. I decided on doing the snake raised up only because my original idea of having one look at the viewer was going to be tricky to get the perspective and detail right. I actually drew little arms on his sides like he was a lizard and then blended them into the background when I was finished. Anything to get the job done! Now let’s just see if I can sleep tonight…

snake detail 3

Product availability: The original is available in my Etsy shop here, and prints are available here.

What’s your opinion on snakes: beautiful, terrifying, or somewhere in between?

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