Hey There Little Buddy!

Look whooooo’s heeeeeeerrreeee!!!!


For those of you who are new to the blog, when I’m not doing crazy drawing challenges, I have the priviledge of illustrating a children’s book series called The Adventures of Boathouse Mouse. I work on them with the amazingly talented author RV Hodge, and after a very long break (aka the illustrator, aka me, took almost a year off for moving), we’re back at it! Book 4 is IN MY HANDS!

So, imagine this: last Sunday night, I’m recovering from a busy weekend at the end of an even busier week of having everyone home from a school break. I’m mentally preparing for the Drawing a Day Challenge to start on Monday. My phone alerts me of a business email that just came through, and there it is….Book 4.

What is a girl to do? Skip the drawing challenge to get to work? Try to do both at the same time? Push the book off even farther?

Yeah, I didn’t like any of those options very much.

But my life is crazy. And I’m finally learning that it’s not going to ever stop being this way! I need to learn to roll with the punches and take the time to work on things while I have it.

On Thursday I had a couple four year old boys here for the day, and they discovered the Play Doh in the craft area. Not only did they love it, but they played with it for over half an hour! I had to stay close in case they needed help opening canisters or working tools, so I grabbed the text I had printed out on Sunday and started dividing it up into pages while they played!

Dividing up pages!

It wasn’t a long time that I was able to work, but long enough that I think I have all the pages roughed out. Now I’m going to put each bit of text on it’s own page, and then I can start with the initial sketches, woo hoo!!!!


Who’s looking forward to Book 4? 


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