Rebranding: Display Progress!

One of my 2017 goals was to rebrand my business by changing up colors and making it feel more cohesive…and then a week later, I decided to rebrand the rebranding.

Confusing, I know.

I’m really loving the new direction the business is going in. I feel more confident with how it’s going to look, and I think the business as a whole will feel more cohesive. I tried to tailor most of the Drawing a Day challenge towards the landscape and natural feel, and honestly, the ones that fit that theme were my favorites and even lowered my stress levels while completing them!

I was excited to start making my vision a reality. The tablecloths and runners were already here, but the displays needed to be made. Here’s the look I was aiming for for my booth display:


Waaaaay back in February we went to my in-law’s house and used my father-in-law’s saws to start cutting my displays. We live in Western New York, so February usually means feet of snow, blizzards, and very little sun. Not this particular day! It was upper 60’s/low 70’s and sunny! I wore flip flops and ended up barefoot outside. It was perfection.

We started the day out with a hamper full of random logs from around the yard. Some of them ended up not being cut as they were just too big for the saws we had available to us.


My husband did most of the cutting, and my father-in-law helped as needed. My oldest son helped out where he could as well 🙂


I love how not all of the logs look the same, and some are really unusual shapes and sizes! This guy was one of my favorites!


By the end of the day, our hamper was full of smaller pieces, all ready to be put to work as displays.


Although I was really excited about the new pieces, I was pretty bummed that I didn’t have any of the bigger slices that I really wanted as base pieces for the displays. I could buy some, but really, paying $15 or more for a piece of wood just felt kind of ridiculous to me. I just so happened to go on Facebook the following day and my neighbor had posted pictures of her step-daughter’s baby shower. And guess what was part of the displays?

Big wood slices!

I asked her where she got them, and her brother-in-law had made them. She said she’d either find the slices for me to have, or have him make some more for me. Score!!!!!

And let me just tell you, these slices are HUGE. And AMAZING!!!!!


Putting the displays together has been so much fun! I’m loving the versatility of them, and they’re going to fit so much better with the business than the $3 plastic file organizers I had been using!

They’ll be used for displaying prints (with the assistance of book stands)….


and for stud earrings!


The wood for the necklace displays has been cut, but I still have to stain them and assemble them. New fabric and ribbon has been purchased to redo the dangle earring displays, and I still need to seal the logs and wood slices, too.

I can’t wait to start putting the whole look together! As soon as the weather starts being consistently warm and sunny, I’ll drag everything up and start playing with it outside. I’ll also be taking pictures for my banner here and on Etsy as well to complete the branding process.


What do you think of the new displays? Any suggestions or additions/changes I should make?

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