Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #24

Today was definitely a better day for drawing. Although I was still thinking about house things and getting her ready to sell, I was able to concentrate and get this bad boy done!

20170331_133204 - Edited

Title: Tiger

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170331_133216 - Edited

This is the fourth and final picture that represents a family member, suggested by Gretta S. This was also probably the hardest picture to decide on! The other family members were really easy: rocks for Peter, sun for Paige, and koala for Nate. However, our youngest, Ryan, loves so many animals, loves outer space, and has so many nicknames, it was so hard to choose. I think he’s a little disappointed I didn’t draw a rhino (he’s always been Ryan Rhino, even since I was pregnant with him), but a tiger just felt better for the challenge.

20170331_133246 - Edited

Ry has always loved tigers, and when he was little, he was OBSESSED with Tigger! Orange had been his favorite color as well, so he has had a lot of tiger things over the years. He’s also cuddly like a tiger cub, but can get fierce and ferocious in a heartbeat!

20170331_133253 - Edited

This drawing was actually a lot easier than I expected. I put it so far back in the challenge because I knew I was going to need as much practice drawing as I could get. This one might be in my top five for the challenge; he just turned out so well I couldn’t be happier with him!

20170331_133504 - Edited

The original is available on Etsy here, and prints will be available soon 🙂

If you’ve missed any of the other drawings in this challenge, you can find them here!

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