Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #22

Today’s drawing was not what I was expecting. I even forgot this one was in the challenge!


I was mentally prepared to do tomorrow’s drawing when I went to the office today, so when I saw the schedule, I was caught off guard. I guess I could have switched today’s drawing with tomorrow’s, but I stuck with the original plan, and it actually worked out pretty well!

20170329_131600 - Edited

Title: Deer at the Lake

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170329_131611 - Edited

I have been wanting to do a drawing like this for a really really long time! I love the hymn “As The Deer”, and the imagery in the song is just beautiful. I’ve never made the time to work on this piece, and although I would have loved to have made it bigger, I figured this challenge was as good a time to do it (in fear it would never get done otherwise!).

20170329_131622 - Edited

This was not going to be the original composition for this piece; I’ve always envisioned it with the water in front, shore in back, and the deer facing the viewer. However, when I was looking up lake pictures, I found one that had branches going across the top and drooping down into the frame, and absolutely loved it. I knew I had to incorporate the branches somehow, and it didn’t make sense with the original design. I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

20170329_131651 - Edited

Did you know deer are complicated looking creatures? I’ve never noticed how strange they really are until I tried to draw one. I didn’t realize their legs were so skinny and their heads were so tapered! It threw me for a loop, just like the koala piece did.

20170329_131845 - Edited

The original is available in my Etsy store here, and prints will be coming soon.

All of the other pieces in this challenge can be found here 🙂


What is your favorite hymn? Mine is “How Great Thou Art”, but “As The Deer” definitely is in my top five!

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