Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #21

Three weeks completed. Only four more days to go.

Is it just me, or has this challenge gone by really fast?

It was a good drawing day. My appointments were all cancelled, so I was able to take my time and just draw. It was very weird…but I really enjoyed just being able to not have to rush!


Title: Sunshine Through the Clouds

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size:  5×7


This is the third drawing in the “represents my family” series, suggested by Gretta S.! This one represents my daughter. She’s a preteen, and with that comes some grumpiness. But when she gives you a genuine smile? Oh it’s like the sun coming out from behind storm clouds! One of her nicknames is even Sunshine, so picking the picture to represent her was very easy!


I think this drawing was one of the easier ones in the challenge. I don’t know if I say that because it really was an easy drawing, or just because I’ve had so much practice that it’s becoming second nature.


There was a bit of a challenge to get a good contrast between the edges of the clouds and sunbeams against the sky and dark parts of the cloud. It’s a fine line between it being too light and being so dark that it’s so visually heavy. I think I could have pushed the darks a little more, but I just didn’t want to completely ruin the drawing!


This piece is available in my Etsy store here, and prints will be coming soon.

Have you missed some of the drawings in the challenge? You can find them all here!

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