Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #20

Yesterday got really crazy really fast. I knew the afternoon was going to be busy with a parent teacher conference, play practice, and errands, but the morning got ridiculous as well. I ended up only having one hour to get this drawing done, so I had to change up the composition and simplify it drastically…

20170327_194117 - Edited

Title: Unicorn

Medium: Graphite pencil and ink on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170327_194124 - Edited

This was another piece suggested by my friend Lisa H., and I knew I had to do this! Growing up, I was obsessed with unicorns, and still love them today. It makes my inner child so excited to see that they’re gaining in popularity and are everywhere today!

20170327_193938 - Edited

To the disappointment of some family members and friends, I do not like horses. No, I’m not scared of them, they’re just not my thing. But if you put a horn on a horse, I will love it forever and ever!

20170327_193931 - Edited

I was nervous about this drawing. Not only did I have such a short time in which to complete it, but this is one of the drawings I tried to do instead back when I did Sunflower. I won’t even show you what the drawing was looking like because it was just that bad. However, this went fairly smoothly (thankfully!), and I’m pretty pleased with it. I had originally wanted to do a unicorn in a forest with a stream and sunbeams, but there was going to be no way I’d get that all done. I’d love to do a drawing like that in the future, though!


The original drawing is available on Etsy here, and prints will definitely be coming later.

All of the other drawings in this challenge can be found here if you’ve missed them or would like to go back and revisit them!

One thought on “Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #20

  1. Since you are taking requests – I would love to see you draw something funny. I’m interested to see how you would interpret that. :o)

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