Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #19

How was it Day 19 already!?? So crazy!

Yesterday was a rough day. I don’t know what exactly the problem was, but I was not feeling well, I was exhausted, cranky, and just plain miserable. After being forced to take a nap, I felt a little better, and was able to sit down and draw 🙂

20170326_191931 - Edited

Title: Crashing Waves

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170326_191939 - Edited

This picture is another one of the drawings that represents a member of my family, suggested by Gretta S. I tend to be….squirrely. I can get really hyper, distracted, and be all over the place. My husband, the amazing man that he is, loves me regardless, and he helps ground me. He is my rock, always steadfast when I’m in my crazy place, hence me drawing rocks!

20170326_191953 - Edited

Another thing this picture represents is my husband’s and my desire to live by the water someday! Ever since we were dating, we’ve loved spending time by lakes or the ocean, and have always dreamed about our future little house on the water.

20170326_191958 - Edited

This drawing was a little challenging. Trying to get the darkness and heaviness that the rocks need, but still having them appear wet was tricky. The waves crashing was easier than I thought; I just used my pencil eraser and erased some of the water in random patterns.

20170326_192123 - Edited

This drawing is available on Etsy here, and will be available as prints later. Maybe note cards, too, we’ll see 🙂

If you’ve missed some of the drawings in the challenge, you can get caught up here!

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