Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #17

I am so surprised today’s drawing got done.

Today I had so many errands to run, food to make, and cleaning to get done. Tomorrow is my youngest kiddo’s family birthday party, and I’m always running around crazy trying to get party prep done in time. Adding anything else to my to-do list is highly frowned upon, even work things.

But, I set aside the time anyway, and I got the drawing done!

20170324_183116 - Edited

Title: Ryan’s Rocket

Medium: Graphite pencil and ink on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170324_183129 - Edited

As many of you are probably aware, I have an outer space obsessed little boy. He’s been so upset during this challenge because I haven’t done a space shuttle for him, and honestly, I didn’t want to do an actual NASA shuttle in case of copyright infringement. Yesterday he said he wanted a rocket drawing instead, and I can definitely work with that! While we were getting ready for school this morning, I told him I’d do his rocket drawing today. He got soooo excited, and then he sat down and quickly sketched out how the picture was going to look!


The most challenging part of the drawing was actually the little challenge Ryan put in for me: for each planet, I have to hide the first letter of it’s name in the planet somewhere. That way, he’ll always know which planet is which. I’m happy to report that I met his requirements!

While we understand the Pluto may not be considered a planet anymore, we are all in denial about it. Well, mostly Ryan. He’s so funny; he loves outer space things, but will get really upset if Pluto isn’t included. He always checks to see if Pluto is included, and if it is, you can bet that it needs to come home with us 🙂

20170324_183435 - Edited

This piece is unavailable at this time. It may come available later as the original or as prints.

You can find the other drawings in this challenge here 🙂


I’m about two-thirds of the way through the challenge! Which piece is your favorite so far?

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