Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #16

Happy National Puppy Day!!!!

It’s kind of funny; I couldn’t remember what today’s drawing was going to be, so to mentally prepare I looked at my schedule last night. And what do you know, it was my dog! What better way to celebrate Puppy Day than by drawing the sweetest pupper ever?

20170323_122903 - Edited

Title: Mason

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

Meet Mason! He’s an Australian Shepherd mix, and seriously so sweet. We’ve had him for five years, and he’s about eight or so years old. There’s not much paperwork on him, and what we do have, his birth year is inconsistent. We adopted him from a local shelter; they somehow knew we’d be a great fit and instead of us going to go check him out and then having them come to do a home visit to make sure the house was suitable for him, they brought him to us and got it all done in an afternoon! He was a relatively new dog to the shelter at that point, and had just been sent to them from another shelter in ALABAMA. Mase was found roaming the streets with another dog, but was fully trained and in great health. The first time he’d ever seen snow was with us, and he was so scared of it! I think this winter was the first time he ever played in it! He’s depressed that it’s melting; he’s going to miss it!

20170323_122910 - Edited

He is such a sweet dog, letting little kids crawl over him or pull on him with no complaints. He’s always up for snuggling on the couch, and is insanely perceptive if someone is having a hard time. He does have some separation anxiety issues as well, and loves it when we have lots of people here (more opportunities for BELLY RUBS!!!!). On the other hand, he does love weekdays as he gets to come down into my office while I work and spends the day sleeping while I work (what a tough life he lives!).

20170323_122915 - Edited

He LOVES peanut butter, pepperoni, wearing his bandanas, and belly rubs. He’s allergic to rawhide, so he gets special bones, which when he gets so excited when we or any other visitor arrives at the house, he picks one up, tosses it around, and then spends some time gnawing on it.

20170323_122920 - Edited

One of my favorite things about him is he has very long fur on his toes, giving him fuzzy feet! You can see one of his paws right by his bandana. It makes his toes extra ticklish, so trimming his nails is definitely a challenge, but they’re so cute we refuse to trim his fur.

20170323_123115 - Edited

The original is available on Etsy here. I’m thinking about releasing an assorted pet note card set; if I do that, he’ll definitely be included!

Missed a day or more of the challenge? You can catch up with all of the drawings here!


Did you do anything to celebrate National Puppy Day? What’s your favorite kind of dog?

5 thoughts on “Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #16

  1. Love Mason! And he’s a lucky pup to have found your home forever!
    His paw is so fuzzy I thought it was his tail! Love those fuzzy feet!

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