Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #15

I think I have writer’s block tonight.

I’ve been sitting here with this open for about 20 minutes now, having no idea how to start the blog. I’m not sure if it’s because today was pretty straightforward, nothing keeping me from my drawing, and it went really well so I have nothing to write….or the fact that Doctor Strange is playing on the tv, and as I haven’t seen it yet, I’m thoroughly distracted. You decide 😉

20170322_131452 - Edited

Title: Cozy in Winter

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170322_131505 - Edited

My daughter is the one who suggested today’s subject. When I was collecting ideas, she said she wanted me to draw a cup of hot chocolate. I asked if she wanted anything else in the picture, and her reply was:

“Okay, so I’m thinking a cup of hot chocolate on a table. And it’s by a window, and when you look out the window, there’s snow everywhere, and trees, and a snowman in the yard!”

Well, okay then!

20170322_131512 - Edited

When we were discussing what all she wanted in the picture, my oldest son mentioned it sounded very Christmasey, and that it should be a Christmas card design! So once I scan it in, if it turns out okay, I’m thinking this will be the newest addition to my Christmas card line 🙂

20170322_131528 - Edited

The trees were a little challenging. Trying to get the contrast between snow and trees, while keeping it muted in the background, and in a small scale is hard! I’m looking forward to getting back to larger drawings later, I miss being able to put in all the detail that I’m used to doing.

20170322_131733 - Edited

The original is available on Etsy here; prints and cards will be coming soon.

You can check out all the other drawings from this challenge here!

Which do you prefer on a cold, snowy day: hot chocolate, tea, or coffee?

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