Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #11

I’m really getting the hang of carving a couple hours out of my day to do this challenge. I tend to let my work slide because there is so much to be done, and with all the projects I have coming up, I really can’t allow myself to keep doing that. If I get nothing else out of this challenge, knowing that me taking time to work is not going to kill me, and the world will indeed keep on spinning 😉

20170318_150121 - Edited

Title: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170318_150216 - Edited

This was the very first lighthouse we visited on our first trip to the Outer Banks! We didn’t go back to see it last year, but we’d drive past the park for grocery runs.

20170318_150249 - Edited

One of our favorite things about visiting this lighthouse was seeing and playing with the rollers that were used to move the lighthouse to it’s new location. It was moved in 1999 to it’s new spot, 2,900 feet away! It had to be moved due to the erosion of the coastline. I can’t imagine having to move the lighthouse, I get anxious just thinking about it!

20170318_150232 - Edited

The drawing was fairly challenging today. Getting the stripes to curve nicely wasn’t too difficult (thanks to all the rope practice from Boathouse illustrations), but getting the base of the lighthouse to stand out from the grass and the fence was a nightmare! I’m still not fully satisfied with it, but drawing all of the items in such a small drawing, I don’t think I could really do much more with it without it turning muddy.

20170318_150527 - Edited

The original drawing is for sale on my Etsy store here; prints will be available soon as well.

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