Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #10

Day 10! That means I’m two-fifths of the way through with the challenge already, wow….

The thing keeping me from wanting to draw today was actually a sinus headache that came out of nowhere. Having a super tiny detail oriented drawing didn’t really help, but I pulled through and got her done!

20170317_133019 - Edited

Title: Eiffel Tower

Medium: Graphite pencil and ink on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170317_133012 - Edited

Today’s subject was one that I’ve been meaning to do for a couple years now. I started it over a year ago, but I’m not sure what ever happened to the in progress piece. I figured now would be as good as any time to finally get around to drawing her!

20170317_133059 - Edited

I’ve actually done this piece as a painting before! It’s featured on the Wyoming Free Library’s mural. Painting it is definitely the way to go, it is much easier to just change colors of paint then to try drawing and not smudging it!

20170317_133104 - Edited

The challenge for this piece (well, besides squinting with a sinus headache) was trying to get in all the detail in such a small space. If I ever had to redraw this piece, it would most definitely be on larger paper, preferably 11×14 in size! Trying to get all those x shapes is super hard when it’s this tiny!

20170317_133241 - Edited

The original has already been claimed, but the other drawings are still available in my Etsy store here. Prints of this piece will be coming soon.

You can see all of the other drawings from this challenge here.

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