Drawing A Day Challenge: Day #3

Oh man oh man oh man what a rough day.

I have no idea what my problem was, but I just could not concentrate. I wanted to just throw the drawing out the window and never look at it again more times than I can count. After 2+ hours of fighting with it, I gave up.

I moved on to Plan B, another drawing that I had planned for later in the challenge. I got to work, and within ten minutes I was frustrated and again gave up.

Then Plan C started. This particular subject was going to be the very last drawing for the challenge, and as I’m super excited about this one, I figured it’d cheer me up and get me back in gear.

Yeah, well, no such luck. The composition wasn’t looking right, proportions were off, and I couldn’t find my resource image for a particular part.

I wanted to just throw in the towel and walk away from it all…but as I had set a goal for myself, I didn’t want to stop just because I wasn’t feeling it today. I need to push through at times, and that’s hard for me. I decided to give Plan A one last shot, and with only half an hour left before everyone got home, I got her done….

20170310_152238 - Edited

Title: Sunflower

Medium: Graphite pencil on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

I absolutely love sunflowers. They’re so bring and cheery, and I always think about the warm sun on my face and there’s no way I can’t be sad or grumpy if I’m thinking about the sun!

20170310_152247 - Edited

I wanted to do a flower for the challenge, which I think was fairly masochistic of me to plan this. I love flowers, I really do, but drawing them? Eek. All the petals, the curves of the leaves, stems….it’s not easy stuff! And to try and get it done in not only a day, but a certain time of day? So crazy of me.

20170310_152323 - Edited

I’ve always wanted to capture sunflowers on camera, facing the sun in all it’s splendor. They always seem like they’re worshiping the sun, following it as it moves across the sky. It pulls me into worship as well, remembering to follow God wherever He leads.

20170310_152328 - Edited

I’m not completely satisfied with how the drawing turned out, but honestly, I don’t know what would make it better. I tried adding more contrast, pushing the sky darker and petals lighter, petals darker and sky lighter, darkening the center of the flower. But nothing felt right or looked right, I would always come back to this balance. I think she’s happy this way, and who am I to disagree?

20170310_152625 - Edited


The original is available for purchase in my Etsy store here, and it’ll be available as a print soon…maybe as a note card, too!

You can find the other drawings in this challenge here.


What is your favorite flower and why?


4 thoughts on “Drawing A Day Challenge: Day #3

  1. I think one of the best things about sunflowers is their color. I’m not an artist at all, but what about adding a bit of color to this one?

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