Drawing A Day Challenge: Day #1

It’s FINALLY that time! Boathouse is in layout, and the Drawing a Day Challenge has officially begun! Woo hoo!

Day 1 was pretty challenging. Once I taped up my paper and got a pencil in hand, I realized something: I didn’t remember how to draw!

While that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s not too far off. I haven’t drawn in months. Yes, I’ve done Boathouse illustrations, but that’s a different kind of drawing. I needed the super detailed, realistic kind of drawing to happen. And my brain and hand did not want to communicate very well.

Once I started to get the hang of it (about an hour into the drawing), our power went out! Western New York had a crazy wind storm (think hurricane winds), and we were without power for about 9 hours.

However, I was able to complete my drawing within the day’s time limit, and here he is!

20170308_134700-1 - Edited

Isn’t he so cute?

Title: Hummingbird

Medium: Graphite and ink on acid free paper

Size: 5×7

20170308_134446-1 - Edited

He really was a lot of fun to draw, even with all the challenges of the day.

I was really surprised at how hard it was to get into drawing. I’ve been looking forward to this challenge for a few months now, and I honestly was ready to cancel it a couple times. I’m glad I pushed through!

20170308_140327-1 - Edited
The original is for sale in my Etsy shop (you can find him here), and although he comes unframed, I just had to see how he looked framed. I think it suits him 😉

20170308_135059-1-1 - Edited

He will be available in print form later, and I’m thinking he’ll be a note card as well, too!

20170308_140245-1 - Edited

Should he become a note card? What else do you think I should draw for the challenge? Let me know below!

7 thoughts on “Drawing A Day Challenge: Day #1

    1. I don’t remember if someone suggested a hummingbird, or if when planning other birds that will come later, I realized I’d never done a hummingbird before! It may actually have been one of the kids who suggested it because they couldn’t wait until we put our feeder back up.

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