Sick Day Painting

My youngest was home for a couple days this past week with a fever. After what felt like his thousandth movie, he decided he was bored and was looking for a change of scenery. He loves to paint, and as I was behind in Boathouse illustrating, I suggested breaking out our watercolors. He jumped at the chance, and we got to work.

Sick day snuggles

It was so much fun watching him be creative! He puts colors together that I wouldn’t think of, puts more detail and thought into each painting than I would imagine, and even watching him try to work through his struggles inspires me.

There were times where his struggles were just too big for him to cope with on his own. Watercolors are an amazing medium to work with, but it has some quirks to it as well. It doesn’t always go where you want it, doesn’t always stay inside the boundary you have placed for it, and doesn’t always blend the way you think it should. That can make creating a piece very stressful at times!

20170216_101959 - Edited.jpg

He refused to give up on his paintings, and came to me for help. I got to show him how to work in different areas so the paint wouldn’t bleed, how to tell if paint was still wet, how to “erase” paint if it went outside the lines, and how to go back later with pens and pencils to add in little details. He’s like a sponge and soaked it all in.

Later he was using some of the tips I had showed him, and said to me:

“This is hard work, Mom. Now I know why illustrating takes so long…and it’s not because you’re lazy!”

Um, well, thanks? I think?!??

Okay, so I totally got a good laugh out of that, but he’s right. Doing it right is hard and does take a long time! But it is so much fun, too.

Not blurry, just the first layer of color!

And with that story, I can finally say that we are in the home stretch of illustrating! 16 down, 4 to go.

Watch out world, Boathouse Mouse is heading in the wrong direction in a book near you very very soon!!!!

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