Fear & Life: A Boathouse Update

Did you guys see that RV revealed the cover of  The Wrong Direction on his blog a couple weeks ago? Here it is!


I think it’s my favorite cover so far, but then again, I say that with each book.

However, I can’t say that book 3 is my favorite overall in the series anymore, but that’s only because I got to read a draft of book 4 over Thanksgiving break…but that’s getting ahead of myself a bit.

The Wrong Direction is coming along really well. I’ve made some great progress over the past couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to have it ready for a March release as long as we don’t have any technical difficulties during the layout and editing process.


Unfortunately this book has been giving me troubles. Life has been getting in the way (as usual): with the festival season, then holidays, and now various members of my family being sick off and on this month, I’m finding it hard to keep myself in the working groove. We all seem to be healthy now, but February break is coming up, and well, this work at home momma doesn’t get much work done when the family is home.

I would love to blame the illustrating delays completely on life’s busyness, but that just wouldn’t be the truth. I’ve also been battling myself; mentally it’s been a challenge. I’m dealing with a lot of fear and self doubt for some reason with this book. I’ve even had this post partly written for over a week because of the fear and doubt!

There is a lot of “newness” in this book (scenery, mostly), but even drawing Tom is keeping me from working! I think for page 3 I had the entire final picture done before I had even finalizing the initial sketch of him on that page; it was all pretty, and then there’s this big white blank space in the corner where Tom would go.

There are a lot of other complicated things to illustrate, and I’m just struggling. I can’t go into much detail because, well, spoilers 😉


I’m starting to get better, and most of the things that I was scared to illustrate are completed, and looking back they weren’t as challenging as I had thought they’d be. Now it’s just finding the time to work! Today was a dentist appointment for my daughter that kept her home, and Friday will be partially taken up by my son’s award ceremony at school…but it will get done!!!!!

Things to look forward to in book 3:

Where is Boathouse going if he’s not going to Constantinople!???!?

Easter Eggs! I already have TWO in the book, and the person who I’m dedicating the book to has already been illustrated for their cameo.

Tiny Boathouses! Every book needs at least one tiny Boathouse 😉


SO MUCH FOOD. We always make at least one of the foods from the book to celebrate it’s release, and I think book 3 will be a feast!

I wish I could share more awesomeness, but if I did, I’d be giving a lot of things away…it’s so hard being part of such an amazing project, and not being able to share it all!!!!! RV is lucky I’m pretty good at secret keeping 😉

What are you looking forward to most about Book 3? What has been your favorite part of the series so far?

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