Drawing a Day Challenge

I’ve been toying around with a crazy idea lately, and I think I’ve finally convinced myself to try it: I’m going to do a complete graphite pencil drawing a day for a month.

Before you get to thinking that I’ll be doing these huge drawings every day while ignoring all my other responsibilities, do not fear! I will be doing small drawings, only 5×7. They’re still big enough to get detail in them, but small enough that I should be able to take only a couple hours to get them done.


I see some of my friends doing various challenges, from getting rid of a few things every day for a month to vlogging every day for a month, and I think it kind of looks like fun. It also looks like a ton of work, not going to lie 😉
I also want to get better at drawing, to really tweak my skills. And, as the old saying goes…practice makes perfect! Or hopefully in my case, at least better!

I’m thinking I might do this in February. Partly because it’s the shortest month of the year (less drawings!), but I should hopefully be wrapping up Boathouse 3 at that point, and will need a break before diving into book 4 (although after reading the first draft, I don’t know how well I’ll be able to wait!).

Here’s where I need your help: February has 28 days in it, which means 28 drawings. I need ideas of what to draw! I’ve started compiling a list of suggestions, but I need to know what you think I should draw. It can be silly, serious, random, you name it, it’s going on the list! I’ve gotten quite a few suggestions so far, from trees and unicorns, to Doctor Who and my dog, so seriously, it can be anything.

My daughter had the best idea:

P: “You should draw a heart, Mom.”
Me: “Umm, like a human heart?”
P: “No, just a heart.”
Me: “Like a normal every day heart?
“P: “Yeah. You’re going to be drawing something every day, you’ll need an easy day. So just draw a heart!”

So sweet, love her! ❤

Now, not everything will end up being a drawing, I’ll be choosing which ones to do in the end, or maybe just choosing them like names from a hat, it really depends on how many ideas I get.


And yes, I’ve already been asked, but all of the drawings will end up being for sale, and some may even end up as prints. One suggestion will probably even be a Christmas card design next year! The only exception is one specific drawing I’ll be doing; it’s the only one I know for sure that will be a drawing. It will either be for me to keep or for me to give, but that’s just because of the subject matter. And no, I’m not telling you what it will be just yet!

Each drawing will be posted on Facebook at the end of the day, put up on my Etsy store for purchasing, and will be featured here either that day or the following day (depending on my schedule).

So let me know what you think I should draw, and be on the look out for more details coming soon!!!!


5 thoughts on “Drawing a Day Challenge

  1. A frog. It came to me yesterday 🙂 How about something that represents each member of your family. Good luck!

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