Our First Book Signing

Life is a funny thing.

We make choices every day, but we never know what the outcome will be later in life, what relationships will be made, or where we will be living or working.

RV and I were discussing this briefly this past weekend after our book signing. If his daughter had never met her husband, they never would have moved to New York, would never have gone to our church, would have never met me. RV and I may not have ever met, and if I hadn’t opened my business, Boathouse may still just be an idea in his head.

RV’s daughter, Vanessa, and I

A world without Boathouse is a sad world that I don’t want to live in.

But on to the book signing!


We didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely came away super excited and humbled by the afternoon. I had people and families come in just to meet me or have me sign their copies in person, I met a boy who disliked reading until he was introduced to our books, and we got to introduce some families to Boathouse.


There were some slow times during our two hour signing, but there were other times that we had a line and non-stop activity.


I came away from the day excited, ready to take Boathouse to the next level, and really work on building up this book series and the things that will go with it. I can’t say any more because, well, spoilers, and also because we’re not exactly sure what is coming next.

But I also came away feeling really weird.


Yes, I know, I am weird, but this was different. People came, just to have me sign a book. One woman came just to shake my hand and meet me in person. I don’t get that. I’m just me, my signature isn’t something special (it’s more of a scribble, a 2 year old could probably reproduce it), and having people get super excited over my little Boathouse drawing that I whipped up quickly just baffles me.


But I love this project, and I adore Boathouse. I can’t wait until my next festival is over so I can get back to work on this guy’s next adventure, which is AMAZING. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

To see RV’s post on the signing, you can check that out here, and to see who won our giveaway that day and what book 3 is titled in our series, click here!

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement! ❤

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